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Erik Carranza

As a young kid Erik was very active, participating in a multitude of sports. When he wasn't on the field he was on the playground looking for new ways to have fun.  It wasn't until his early teenage years that he became less active finding himself hanging out with the wrong crowd for nearly a decade and left him demoralized. He knew there was something better then the environment he was in so he slowly got back into fitness. Still the passion for fitness was not yet strong enough to hold back the circle of influence that was heading in the wrong direction.

Until one day when he challenged himself to take on a Spartan Race. As he finished the race Erik knew that a passion had emerged and there was no going back. That fire created a relentless pursuit to become a better and stronger man. Since that day Erik has become an avid spokesperson for the world of OCR empowering others to become better, stronger people both physically and mentally.


Antonio Pusateri credits his determination on and off the course to his two children who he aspires to be the best role model for them by displaying how hard work and dedication will help you build a solid foundation to reach your goals. The OCR bug caught hold of Antonio May of 2015 and he has been competing in pro heats since August allowing him to catch the eye of sponsors. He is a Construction Journeyman in the sheet metal trade and has taken on Crossfit as a secondary sport, even competing in local scaled Crossfit events in his home state of Wisconsin. He dedicates as much time as possible to fitness activities such as rock climbing, ninja warrior style obstacles, weight training and running to help him work up to his goals. Antonio is a health and wellness coach with Herbalife which has lead him to recently becoming a personal trainer to help others who struggle to work up to their fitness goals. He believes in living a healthy lifestyle and is very passionate about sharing his personal story as he hopes to positively inspire others.


Training to be the best athlete I can possibly be. 2015 was my first full season as an elite obstacle course racer and I managed to walk away with 5 podiums, 3 of which were wins, (Battlefrog Extreme in Miami, ABF Mud Run NJ, and Fall Mid Atlantic Savage Race) and several top 5 and top 10 placings. I also managed to qualify for the Spartan World Championships, OCR World Championships, and the BattleFrog World Championships. I was 7th place in the female 19-24 Division at the OCR World Championships, and finished with my band and a top 20 placing at the Battlefrog Series Championships, as well as a 11 place point series finish for BattleFrog. So far for the 2016 season I have podium finishes in both of my races, a win at Shale Hill for the 8 hour polar bear challenge, and a 3rd place finish for BattleFrogs first ever BFX 24 hour race. I also have been invited to compete on American Ninja Warrior season 8 and am ecstatic to see where this opportunity takes me! Outside of racing I'm a professional horse trainer in Millwood Virginia where I have my own business Adriane Alvord Dressage. When I'm not at a race on weekends, i'm at a show competing my clients horses. My life is pretty busy between taking care of and training 12+ horses a day, and training to be an elite athlete, but I wouldn't want it any other way.


Mandy Hall

Obstacle course racing started off for me as a one time fun weekend activity, but after that race was over I was hooked and now family vacations coincide with race schedules!  As a registered nurse I know all about being prepared, thinking on your feet, and helping others so OCR is a perfect fit for me. I enjoy pushing myself and helping others do the same both physically and mentally.  While I have a busy schedule with work, being a mom and wife, I still find time to pursue my fitness goals. I share my hectic schedule in order to inspire others to make incremental positive changes in their lives and not let excuses drag them down. With numerous different races under my belt I am confident that I can persevere over any obstacle on the course and in life.


After tearing my ACL and undergoing reconstructive knee surgery I allowed myself to become out of shape.  Eventually I decided I had enough and started to lose the weight and gain muscle. During this time I watched and fell in love with the show "American Ninja Warrior" which is when my training really took off. While training for a chance to compete on the show, obstacle course racing seemed like a natural fit and became my passion. I am always looking to improve my fitness level and help others do the same. Bring on the next challenge!

keith puralewski

Fitness has always been a love of mine & I have always thrived in the training that is necessary to compete at a top level.  As I got older, I continued to work out... but never had that fire in my belly that comes before an athletic competition.  Then four years ago, I was introduced to the world of OCR.  The Fire Was Back!  In the past four years, I have competed in over 40 OCR events including 7 Tough Mudders.  In 2015, I qualified for both the OCR World Championships and the Battlefrog World Championships.  I finished the OCR World Championships with my band still on and finished in the top 5% of my age group.

This year, at 47 years old, I will be competing in 12+ OCR events.  With the support of my beautiful wife and two great kids, I look forward to crushing the OCR World Championships & will also push my limits as I compete in the World's Toughest Mudder!  My ultimate goal is to turn my passion for OCR into a fitness career that would allow me to transform people as the OCR community has done for me.

If you do something you love... you will never work another day in your life!

Scott "the viking" Brackemyer

Scott always wanted to be a professional bodybuilder but he did not think he had the genetics to make the big time. So “The Viking” learned to use obstacle racing as a functional outlet to direct his competitive nature. He’s driven to bring an overall fitness look to the elite divisions and prove that functional muscle is the better way to finish strong. With his positive personality, Scott is socially active with an extensive following on Facebook, Instagram, and The uplifting support from his loving wife and 4 children allow him to race all year round. In 2014 he competed coast-to-coast starting with the Arizona Spartan Sprint in February and ended the year with the South Carolina Spartan Beast in October.

If you saw this warlord on the OCR battlefield you would never guess he suffers from severe asthma. Another of Scott’s goals is to prove that you can thrive with asthma and still be at the top of your game even in your 40’s. Generally finishing in the top overall 3-5% of his OCRs, he plans to complete 25 races every year and at this pace it doesn’t look like Scott is going to slow down anytime soon!

Chris Lange

Chris is a father of two and married to his wife of 5 years.  He is a Social Studies teacher and the Special Olympics Powerlifting strength coach at West Leyden High School in Northlake, Illinois.  With the constant support of his family and students he has been able to pursue his passion of competing in OCR and Ninja Warrior competitions.  Chris competed in Season 7 of American Ninja Warrior and made it to the city finals in Kansas City.  In his most recent competition Chris took third place at Classic City Ninja Warrior in Waterloo, Indiana.  Along with Ninja Warrior and OCR events he also has run over a dozen of distance races including the Chicago Marathon where he placed in the top 5 percent of his age group.  Chris hopes that by displaying his passion for fitness he can encourage and teach his students how to develop the drive to make themselves better.  Along with powerlifting, he also works with students who are not in athletics but want to become healthier through the "Lange Strong" program which Chris has been running at West Leyden for 5 years.

Kris wolff

As a former personal trainer, I have always had a passion for fitness and more specifically powerlifting; however, I wanted to challenge myself even more. I competed in my first Spartan Race in 2013 and was hooked on OCR.

Just like others who compete, I balance being a husband, father, a full-time corporate job and a passion for OCR. I enjoy the training, the competition and I look forward to the challenge of every race. Every race is different, but once you cross that finish line no one can ever take that feeling of accomplishment away from you. So, find that balance, get out and try something new. You'll be a better person for doing so.