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Our mission is to ensure that members have a positive experience and are challenged every time they Work Up®. Our brand and services will help positively reshape the way people think about fitness and exercise. We strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your goals and your life while having fun.

We will be creating a unique fitness concept in the Chicagoland area which offers an indoor
obstacle course training program. The program is based on team challenges that are designed to
keep members engaged and working up together in a fun and competitive atmosphere. We will
create a positive community through a safe environment, where members are able to utilize the
facility for recreational use, as well as partnering up with friends or other members for daily team

Our facility will be able to implement quick changes as needed. Allowing us to keep up with trends and keep the experience fresh for members. In addition to emphasis on durability and product life, a substantial amount of time has been devoted to ensure obstacles are held to the utmost in safety standards. All exposed parts of the Ninja Warrior Course will be custom padded, full protection that fits the frame and other elements to ensure guest security. They’re also wear resistant and hygienic. All frames are designed by a licensed engineer to assure ultimate structural safety.